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Teaching Themes - Easter Activities and Resources for Your ESL Lesson Plans

Hey English Teachers!

Since it's that time of the year...when your students love looking for colored's time to get your thinking caps on and come up with some fund activities and resources... don't have too...there is already a whole slew of ideas gathered in one handy place ready for you to print off for your students.

Teaching Themes - Easter


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English Preposition Worksheets For Your ESL Lesson Plans

Hey English Teachers!

I was looking around for some TESL lesson plans to teach prepositions to my beginning students. I located a whole slew of killer preposition activity worksheets and student handouts that you can print off or use to brainstorm up your own ideas.

Lots of English preposition worksheets and handouts for your ESL lesson plans

A great photocopiable preposition worksheet from the Oxford English Dicitionary

Here are some more great English preposition worksheet ideas.

And a few more preposition activities and worksheets for your ESL student.

And to wrap-up...just a few more preposition lesson handouts

Let me know which ones you liked best...or share your own English preposition worksheets with us through the comments below. ;)

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Great English Preposition Games for Your ESL Lesson Plans

Hey English Teachers...if you are looking for English Preposition Games to spice up your ESL are in the right place. I was looking for some to use with my English students...and here is a quick list of some of the most interesting preposition games and activities that I came up with. Use and let me know how they work for ya! ;)

Prepositions GameLevel: Medium to Difficult

Prepare a text that contains prepositions. Take out the propositions and print them on a separate sheet, then cut this sheet so that each preposition is on a piece of paper, then put all of them in an envelope . Divide the class into groups and give each group an envelope. Tell the students that you are going to read a text and whenever you raise your hand they should bring a suitable preposition and put it on your desk and that the fastest team would get points. Read the text with each groups' order and cancel a point for each mistake. Finally read the text with correct prepositions. You can play this game with adj as well as a,the and an.
Submitted by: Luma Ashoo


Student Prepositions

This is a really fun and simple game for teaching prepositions. It requires no preparation or materials.

After you have taught your prepositions (on, under, above, next to, etc...), break your class into teams of 2 (maybe 3). In each group designate one student as student A and one student as student B.

You're going to need some space for the next part. You will saying sentences such as "Student A is in front of Student B". The students then have to put themselves in those positions. First team to finish gets a point.

The students should wear some sort of identification. you could tape a piece of colored paper to their shirts or something like that. this helps to keep track of which one is student A and which is student B.

That's it!

One fun "game" I've done with my basic level ESL classes is to go outside and have students stand in a circle. We pass a soccer ball to, beside, between, etc. Then I ask all students to turn to the right (still in a circle, but all facing right) and pass in front of or behind. We're lucky enough to have a soccer field, but this could easily be done anywhere with large enough space. This is also a great way for the students to learn each other's names!


Prepositions activity ; treasure hunt game, three teams A B and C.
Name 12 items
hide the items around the classroom, when the students of teams A B and C find the items they have to say where they were found under the box, on top of the books, in the drawer etc. the team with the most items and the correct vocabulary win


Command Prepositions GameIntroduction: This activity can be used as a review of prepositions. Put the students into
two teams and form them into two lines. You then give them the following commands
and count the score on the whiteboard.

  • Put your foot under a table.
  • Say the word “over” 3 times.
  • Put a pencil in a pencil box/bag.
  • Write the teacher’s name on the whiteboard.
  • Put your hand in a classmate’s pocket.
  • Put a pencil in your shoe.
  • Sing the X Song in front of a student.
  • Look under a book.
  • Dance between two classmates.
  • Hold a pencil between your legs.
  • Jump between two classmates.
  • Sit on the floor.

Command Prepositions Game 2
Introduction: This activity can be used as a review of prepositions. Put the students into
two teams and form them into two lines. You then give them the following commands
and count the score on the whiteboard.
  • Put your hands over your eyes.
  • Stand behind a table/desk.
  • Take a book from a book bag.
  • Stand behind the teacher.
  • Put your foot under a classmate’s foot.
  • Write your name on the whiteboard.
  • Put your hands over your ears and shout.
  • Stand between two desks.
  • Put your shoe on a desk.
  • Put a kiss on the whiteboard.
  • Put your hands up
  • Stick your neck out over the table
Sorry...don't remember where I got this one from. ;)

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Giant Action Verb Flash Cards (Games Reviews) | for Teaching English in Japan

Awesome ideas for using flashcards in class...especially good for asking students questions and getting them to answer.

Also check out idea number 3 to find out how to have students correcting other students answers.

Great for TPR and TPRS Q&A sessions. ;)

Franklin's Autobiography: page 40 of 81

I'm the kind of guy that tends to go to extremes. When I do something...I go all out. So, it's hard to keep life in check...and find a point of equilibrium that allows me to get the results I want...and still keep other things that matter in their proper perspective.

Especially since I work from home and travel alot. So, I found this copy of Benjamin Franklin's daily schedule really interesting. Just click the link above for more information.

The Morning Question, What good Shall I do this Day?5Rise, wash, and address Powerful Goodness; Contrive day's good shall I do this Business, and take the resolution of the day; prosecute the present Study: and breakfast?--
12Read, or overlook my Accounts, and dine.
6Put Things in their Places, Supper, Musick, or Diversion, or Conversation, Examination of the Day.
Evening Question, What Good have I done to day?8
10Sleep. --

Here is a copy of the original schedule if you want to check it out for yourself. ;)

Benjamin Franklin's daily schedule

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Google Apps Education Training Center

I've started playing around with Google Apps this year for our English school. It's really helped us out alot. So, I've been reading up on these resources and just wanted to share a few that have really helped me.

Google Apps Education Training Center - Get info straight from the horse's mouth if you really want to know how to get the most out of these tools.

iGoogle As An Oganizational/Educational Tool - I started playing around with the iGoogle page to organize all my stuff. Then I read this post and got several more great ideas.

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How I Teach Numbers To My English Students! - By Maurico

Hey guys, today I am coming here to share if you guys how I teach my students numbers, step-by-step.

1) I ask them who can, among them, count till ten. Some of them raise their hands, others don't. So, I ask to somebody count from one to ten only the odd numbers. After I ask other one to count only the even numbers. Then I ask other to guys to count the odd and even numbers from ten to one, yes backwards!

3) I check if there's somebody who can't count from one to ten, if it's a man I call a 'beautiful' felame student forward and ask her to teach him the numbers from one to ten. she will probably just count normally, but he will pay more attention!

2) When they see that it's needed more than memorize the order, but learn the numebers one by one. I tell them they will learn how to count from one to one million at least - I do that to encourage them! That helps!

3) So, I tell them to add two zeros when I say the word HUNDRED after a number and try to see the number I'll be saying in a very scarlet red color in their minds. I give them some drills, like: "two hundred" , the students shall see 200. "Eight hundred", the students shall see 800, etc. I do it a bunch of times till be sure they all understood.

4) After that, I do the whole same thing again but now with the word THOUSAND.

5) I mix the numbers, speaking 'broken numbers' like: 3,400 - 5,200 - 2,900 - etc

6) To teach the smaller numbers I write down a chart similar to the following one on the board.

For Example: 7 17 700 7,000

 70 707 7,007

 77 717 7,017

 770 7,077

 777 7,777

I call their attentions close that time and start to speak all these numbers clearly in sequence in order to make them understand the different pronunciations and how to 'mix' all the numbers.

When speaking big numbers like 7,070, for example, they'll need to know how to say 7,000 (seven THOUSAND) and 70 (seventy) which is different of 17 (seventeen). I try to make that difference as clean as mud (kidding).

7) After this exercise I do an advanced one, like this:

40 400 4,000 40,000 400,000 4,000,000

44 440 4,444 44,004 404,440 4,040,444

44,414 414,044 40,000,000

444,444 44,404,004

8) In the end, I do a dictation and have it corrected. About 10 numbers is ok, among small, middle and big ones. Have the numbers you'll have this exercise previously written, you won't want to be based on what your students wrote, that's not a good idea!

It takes about 2 classes to teach this subject at once.

So be welcome to send me your feedback on how you liked this tip to teach numbers.

Try it with your students.

See you all,


Beginning English Student Themes - MindMeister Mind Map

Themes & Topics for teaching beginning English students.

Teaching Themes for Beginning English Students

Looking for great themes and topics for your beginning English students? If so, look no further.

Larry Ferlazzo, Teacher shares lots of great themes and teaching ideas here on this site.

You should also check out his blog and follow him on twitter. ;)

Collaborative English Teaching Lessons

Just stumbled across this blog a bit ago on Twitter. Got sucked into the site and just coming up for air now.

(Almost) Infinite ELT Ideas

The basic gist of the blog though is to have teachers share ideas around a specific theme to generate new and interesting ways to teach a class and get students involved in the learning process.

Student-centered learning is a driving theme behind this blog. ;)

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ELT Kick Off

Okay! Welcome to this little inside view of our classroom experinces with ELT. Just to fill you in if you don't know me yet. My name is David...and I'm teaching English in Brazil at XOKenglish

We are in the process of nailing down our curriculum...and it is a lot of fun. I'm really excited about this phase. We're actually summarizing over 38 years of team experience.

So, stay signing up for our RSS feed to discover some of our best, top-secret, and little-known tips and tricks for teaching English. ;)