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How I Teach Numbers To My English Students! - By Maurico

Hey guys, today I am coming here to share if you guys how I teach my students numbers, step-by-step.

1) I ask them who can, among them, count till ten. Some of them raise their hands, others don't. So, I ask to somebody count from one to ten only the odd numbers. After I ask other one to count only the even numbers. Then I ask other to guys to count the odd and even numbers from ten to one, yes backwards!

3) I check if there's somebody who can't count from one to ten, if it's a man I call a 'beautiful' felame student forward and ask her to teach him the numbers from one to ten. she will probably just count normally, but he will pay more attention!

2) When they see that it's needed more than memorize the order, but learn the numebers one by one. I tell them they will learn how to count from one to one million at least - I do that to encourage them! That helps!

3) So, I tell them to add two zeros when I say the word HUNDRED after a number and try to see the number I'll be saying in a very scarlet red color in their minds. I give them some drills, like: "two hundred" , the students shall see 200. "Eight hundred", the students shall see 800, etc. I do it a bunch of times till be sure they all understood.

4) After that, I do the whole same thing again but now with the word THOUSAND.

5) I mix the numbers, speaking 'broken numbers' like: 3,400 - 5,200 - 2,900 - etc

6) To teach the smaller numbers I write down a chart similar to the following one on the board.

For Example: 7 17 700 7,000

 70 707 7,007

 77 717 7,017

 770 7,077

 777 7,777

I call their attentions close that time and start to speak all these numbers clearly in sequence in order to make them understand the different pronunciations and how to 'mix' all the numbers.

When speaking big numbers like 7,070, for example, they'll need to know how to say 7,000 (seven THOUSAND) and 70 (seventy) which is different of 17 (seventeen). I try to make that difference as clean as mud (kidding).

7) After this exercise I do an advanced one, like this:

40 400 4,000 40,000 400,000 4,000,000

44 440 4,444 44,004 404,440 4,040,444

44,414 414,044 40,000,000

444,444 44,404,004

8) In the end, I do a dictation and have it corrected. About 10 numbers is ok, among small, middle and big ones. Have the numbers you'll have this exercise previously written, you won't want to be based on what your students wrote, that's not a good idea!

It takes about 2 classes to teach this subject at once.

So be welcome to send me your feedback on how you liked this tip to teach numbers.

Try it with your students.

See you all,


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